About this newsletter

About this newsletter

Are you someone who thinks the world is a better place when we support others? When we work for the common good and conduct ourselves with decency and integrity?  If so you aren't alone - and you have just found a community of like minded people!

The Best We Can Do* is a community newsletter devoted to recognizing and supporting the abiding good in humanity.  It is where members can connect with each other, share stories and support people who work for the common good.   These stories are designed to make you think differently about the world, our role in it and empower you to discern and do the right thing in today's complex world.

Content is member driven and includes profiles of people from all walks of life, living and historical, who exemplify our community's values.  Our community is national (shall we have some fun expanding it internationally?) and the goal is to create a rich network of people with shared values who make the world better for each other - and for our fellow residents on the journey.

Please share your ideas for content - stories, videos, art, music - anything that enriches the experience of being alive is welcome. Contact victoria@ethicssquaredllc.com with your ideas.


You can find Ethics Squared LLC. here:  https://ethicssquaredllc.com/

*The title of our site The Best We Can Do comes from a phrase in the profoundly moving essay by the distinguished writer, Roger Rosenblatt, titled "The Man in the Water."  The Man in the Water  Both Mr. Rosenblatt, and the man he wrote about, Arland D. Williams, move you to think deeply about the power of a single person to change the world for better.

Mr. Rosenblatt graciously consented to us using his phrase as the name of our community. Thank you Mr. Rosenblatt for making the first contribution to the Best We Can Do community.

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